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Čejkovice and surroundings

Čejkovice - tourism

The town of Čejkovice lies in South Moravia, 40 km south-east of Brno and 15 km north-west of Hodonín, at an altitude of 205 metres above sea level. The interesting places around Čejkovice include “Špidláky” which has been a protected landscape area since the beginning of the nineteen nineties. It is famous for its diversity of rare and protected plant species. In May 2004, the Hovorany–Čejkovice bird reserve was declared a Natura 2000 protected nature reserve.

Čejkovice is a town with a rich history and cultural traditions. After the Chateau, its most famous sights include the well-preserved 650-metre-long Templar Cellars, the Church of Saint Kunhuta, and the house in which Tomáš Masaryk, later to become the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic, lived with his parents in the years 1856–1862. It is the only historical house in the area preserved in its original form. It was renovated in 1990 and now serves as a museum.

Čejkovice and the surrounding area are a paradise for cyclists, with many signposted cycle paths running largely over quiet paths between vineyards and wine cellars. We will be delighted to advise you on the planning of your route. Cycle maps are on sale at reception at the hotel.

Events in Čejkovice

Saint Martin’s Wine  2020 CANCELED

Saint Martin’s Wine – the sale of young wine begins in the Chateau courtyard at 11.00 a.m. on 11 November every year. The ceremonial commencement of sales in the presence of Saint Martin. Tasting of all Saint Martin’s wines from Čejkovice (from 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.) accompanied by the local men’s choir Révokaz. The event takes place outside, so make sure you dress warmly.

Next date: November 2021 (will be specified)

Čejkovice wine path

Čejkovice wine path offers a spring walk over undemanding terrain through the budding vineyards with tastings of wines at the very places in which they are made. Beginning with a motorcade of vineyard tractors of various makes, types and ages in front of the Chateau. The event is held in the week after Easter every year.

Next date: 30. April - 2. May 2021

Wine markets

A presentation of Čejkovice’s wineries on the premises of Hotel Zámek and in the hall at the Sokolovna (opposite the Chateau), with an accompanying programme.

Next date: 4. - 6. June 2021

Open Cellar Day

Why not accept our invitation for a wander around the town with a visit to the wine cellars and wine restaurants of the local wineries? The opening ceremony takes place in the Chateau courtyard at 10.00 a.m. Soak up the sensations and experiences offered by an evening spent with a cimbalom band. The event is held at the end of the summer holidays.

Next date: 27. - 29. August 2021


Čejkovice and the surrounding area are a paradise for cyclists, with many signposted cycle paths leading largely along quiet and gently undulating terrain among the local vineyards and wine cellars and offering exquisite views of the surrounding countryside far and wide. We will be delighted to advise you about the planning of your route. Cycle maps are on sale at reception at the hotel.

Horse-drawn bus

You can also take a ride through the Čejkovice area in a horse-drawn carriage (for up to 5 people) or a horse-drawn bus (up to 12 people).

A region of water birds

An extensive system of ponds and canals can be found in Mutěnice. This area is a real paradise for water birds and many rare species live here. Take a wander around the banks and dikes and you may see the wood sandpiper, common tern, common sandpiper, red-crested pochard, greenshank, redshank, ruff, little ringed plover, lapwing, cuckoo, coot, cormorant, great crested grebe and tufted duck. Storks, herons, wild geese and gulls fly overhead. We recommend taking a bird identification book and a pair of binoculars or a telescope with you. And you might even get to see a beaver in the reed beds!


There are a number of golf courses in the Čejkovice area for those of you who can’t imagine your free time without a few good tee-shots.

Interesting destinations in the surrounding area: